Liquid Force Havoc 5 Review


A picture says more than 1000 words. Does a video say more than 1000 pictures? I believe so. Some of you might not have a sound system in your computer, so everything that is spoken in this video is in text form below it.


We are in North Carolina to talk about the Liquid Force 2011 Havoc. This is the fifth generation of Liquid Force Havoc. Last year they took a big step and took out the centre strut. This year the four strut Liquid Force Havoc is back for more action. Looking at the kite we see that we have a four strut, c-shaped bridle kite. Wing tip has really full wing tip, so called diamond wing tip. Simple bridle system with a pulley on the diamond wing tip. Overall performer can use this kite, it’s a great all round kite.
2011 Liquid Force target the Havoc a little more to the advanced end, so they made it a little more faster and a bit more stable than years past, really really sporty! Guys disliking Liquid Force, that havn’t rid it for years, you’re gonna freak, you’re gonna love this kite! It’s gonna go upwind really well and without that centre strut the kite goes blazing through the wind window. Really fast upwind and great smooth power out of the Havoc. People that aren’t riding a Havoc, they’re gonna be at their intermediate level or above, so someone already riding can really appreciate this kite. If it’s your first time kite and your first time kite experience go to the Liquid Force Envy cause you´re gonna get that super easy relaunch. They say that the Havoc is hard to relaunch, but by know me it’s not hard to relaunch, but compared to the envy, the envy is just the ultra easy relaunch. Liquid Force EnvyThe Envy is little bit slower than the Havoc and little bit slower across the wind window, so that’s why the Havoc being a little faster settled that’s gonna make it better for the intermediate and advanced riders.
Also it’s a little skinnier kite, from leading edge to trailing edge, so when you boost it just punches up in the wind window and you get really high jumps on the Havoc.
Let’s get a little closer and check out some the features. Bumpers on the leading edge, really heavy bumpers, very impressive on these. We got the 4-strut diamond wing tip.
Back to the wing tip. The wing tip has multilayers which makes it very solid, great for the power transfer. The numbers on the wing tips are big and not hidden in some stylish design, so it’s clear to you and other people what size you are riding.
The bridle system is the same simple bridle system as on previous Havoc versions. Multiple attachment points on leading edge, so gives a lot of stability. Heavy duty line on the centre line takes a lot of the load, goes through the pulley. Loop on leading edge attachment point, knot on the trailing edge attachment point, you got your light wind set up or your standard set up. havoc 2011
The diamond wing tip allows you to still have steering when you depower as well when you pull the bar towards you, since the wind forces the wing tips to get filled with air which prevents them from being squeezed towards the centre of the kite, so you get that really smooth power output. Also, we can see that the wing tips are really big and reinforced which helps to give that great power output.
Looking at the inside of the kite, we see the four strut design, no centre strut, heavy duty leading edge, nice graphics on the inside of the leading edge. Really heavy duty reinforcements on exposed parts. Union inflation system, makes simple inflations. You got a nine millimeter inflate/deflate valve and then you got max valve system, insane for pumping! You will pump your kite in half the time with its own adapter, but you can of course use the nine millimeter valve for any kind of standard pump.
A new feature is that you can attach the bar on the inside of any wingtip, which not only is handy when you pack together your kite, but Havoc v5also in case of self rescue. Two loop handles on the leading edge also makes self rescue much easier, since you have something to hang on to.
For 2011 Liquid Force killed it with the Havoc. They made it a little bit more high perfomance than last year. Key features for 2011 compared to 2010 is that the Havoc now is a little bit more stable, there are a couple of new features to the bar.
With the Envy taking a lot that allround space, they could give the Havoc some more boosting, a little faster through the wind window, faster turnings. The Havoc is a great performing kite that is gonna work for wave riding, wake style, anything along the lines the Havoc is absolutely insane!
This kite can work for any ability level, but most people above intermediate will really get use of all the features that this kite has to offer.
2011 Liquid Force Havoc is a great kite. Anyone can get on it, get out in the water and enjoy this awesome kite!

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