Liquid Force Nirvana 2012

The 2012 kites are already about the enter the market, all kite manufactures want to be first out with their 2012 kites. Liquid Force is no exception. Nirvana is the name of their new kite which will be available in your local store in a near future.

So what can we expect of the Nirvana? First of, the Nirvana will replace the HiFi Comp, so the design is similar. But Liquid Force has decided to go back to the 5 strut construction instead of 4 struts which we saw in the 2011 HiFi Comp.

2012 nirvana liquid force kiteRumours say that the Nirvana is super stable in the air which might not be to surprising if you take a look at the massive wing tips. Further it is also possible to attach light weight carbon “battens” to the wing tips. These battens prevent the wing tips from being bended by heavy riders. The LE on the wing tips are super thin so these battens support them.

Other new gadgets is a so called swivel. This little piece prevents the front line from being twisted. It´s not a new invention, but it might be the first swivel that actually works as intended.

MaxFlow Pump. A “Super Shaft” extender makes pumping a piece of cake. Question is now what we should do to get warmed up before our sessions… did LF totally forget we that don’t live where it´s always warm and sunny? 😉

The bar is also totally redesigned. I have unfortunately no pics to show you, not yet… but I can tell you it´s a one piece moulded EVA with moulded floats and winders for the lines, no more plastic. The design team might not had their best day when they come up with the shape and look of the bar, but the bar is at least comfy and safe…

Here´s also a little video for you. Stay tuned! 🙂

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