Liquid Force Envy 9m

The Liquid Force Envy is the all round machine in their range. Aimed at the rider, who wants a kite, that can do it all, whilst making Kitesurfing easy. Liquid Force calls the Envy a “beyond Delta” design and it features a fairly swept back shape to its profile, the Diamond Shape tips add to this. It is a simple three-strut design aimed at being lightweight to improve the flying characteristics. The bridle is fully integrated and more complex than found on some kites. Indeed the rear lines are integrated into the bridle as opposed to connecting directly to the kite. Build quality is excellent, union struts, segmented leading edge and plenty of reinforcements in all the right places. All Liquid Force kites feature the Max Flow inflation system; until you’ve tried it you won’t believe it. You can inflate the kite in seconds with minimum effort! On top of these innovations there is also plenty of attention to detail. The Envy reeks of quality whichever way you look at it!
The Bar
This is a polished bit of kite in itself; the floats and winders are integrated into each other to create a clean look. Simplicity runs deep here, the trim is integrated into the chicken loop and the release mechanism is very effective and easy to reset. There is a moveable stopper ball and the depower line has plenty of throw to ensure you can ditch the power when needed.
In the Air
The Envy feels very stable and solid, a great platform to launch your assault from it inspires confidence. The depower range from the bar throw is very impressive, the integrated rear lines into the bridle giving you more depower than a standard rear line connection. This gives you the ultimate control at the bar in gusty conditions. It does mean the turning isn’t quite as direct as some, but the Envy is no slouch and responds to input from the bar well. Once engaged the kite can be turned on a sixpence, pivoting around its axis with zero canopy flutter, a sign of a well built airframe. The low-end range is impressive; the Envy develops a lot of power as you fly it around the window. The bridle then helps to assist the kite with its top end range, adjusting the angle of attack but still ensuring the kite steers. Jumping is great fun, plenty of power to launch you and good hangtime. Upwind is excellent too and the kite is easy to fly lending itself to a wide range of riders. The bar pressure is a little heavy, a symptom of the bridle system used, but it isn’t overwhelming or a reason to not man up and build some muscle strength!
Amazingly, well built, with lots of attention to detail, very stable in the air, plenty of control at your fingertips and a good low end.
We could argue that the complicated bridle set up was a bit much , but it is this bridle that gives the kite its control and range, there are no real complaints here.
You won’t be disappointed, it’s a great all round kite that comes with some fantastic features, like the Max Flow inflation system. You’ll be out on the water in seconds with a great big smile on your face!

Liquid Force Envy 2013

A short video featuring the new Liquid Force Envy! This colorful kite will definitely stand out among the crowd 2013!

Liquid Force Envy 2013

Here is the first sneek peak of the new Liquid Force Envy 2013!

Tik Tik – Liquid Force’s new Team Rider

Tik Tik is the name of Liquid Force’s new team rider. Tik Tik prefer to ride waves and he’s pretty good at it too!

Manuela Jungo Liquid Force Team Rider

Manuela jungo is a professional Kitesurfer from Swizerland. Manuela used to work as a brand manager, but decided to dedicate her life to kitesurfing instead. After years of travelling and lots of kitesurfing, Manuela finally can live from kitesurfing, thanks to her great sponsor Liquid Force!

Liquid Force Team Rider Oliver Umpierre

Oliver Umpierre is one of Liquid Force’s new team riders. This is his first video and it doesn’t look to bad! Looking forward to see more from Oliver Umpierre!

Brendan Kerr

Brendan Kerr is a girl that sure knows how to spend her christmas holiday. Fuck Santa and your family, kitesurfing in Baja is the way to go!

Liquid Force NRG 2012

Liquid Force’s new NRG is one of the best kites ever made by Liquid Force!
The NRG is a kite with an amazing hangtime due the amount of power the kite gives, still predictable.
A kite for those who likes big jumps and great hangtime with smooth landings.
The bridle is clean and simple and the kite comes with the CPR control bar that gives 100% depower, all the great Liquid Force features comes with the NRG.

Liquid Force claims that it will really hard to make this kite better!

Nick Jacobsen Crane Jump

Nick Jacobsen jumps from a 40 meter high crane. Madness, bravery, talent, skills or insanity… call it whatever you want. The video that shows when Nick jumps is indeed a real thriller that gives you shivers down the spine. Question is if the jump or the climb itself is the craziest part in this video. The wind must have been super stable that day, one gust could have been fatal!

Nick is currently in Cape Town shooting a new movie for his sponsors Brunotti, Prolimit and Liquid Force. The movie is said to be released in January 2012 so keep your eyes open!

And yes, the kite Nick is flying with in this video is a Liquid Force Havoc =)

Some more info about Nick can be found here

Liquid Force Envy 2012

The Liquid Force Envy is the best Liquid Force kite ever. It has proven during the last years to be an incredible flying machine that suits most different styles and fits both experienced and beginners. The Envy was a great success so the Liquid Force Team decided to develop the Envy even more, so that’s why we have the 2012 version on the market now.
The new Envy is build on the same platform as the previous version, but is fine tuned for better performance. It flies fast and is stable and easy to handle and it can be used in various conditions, from light wind to hurricane. It suits freestylers, waveriders and free riders.

Liquid Force intention for year 2012 is to come up with a new set of kites that redefine kitesurfing all over the world.Each kite is designed for optimum performance in its class. The Envy is focused on freestyle and waveriding. It has lots of power and is easy to handle, so it can be used by beginners as well as advanced riders. It’s performance is good enough for competition but still you can use it for just cruising.

The so called “Beyond Delta” design improves the performance of the kite in most aspects. The kite comes with three struts and uses the Exo Strut system. The combination of these features make it very stable and reliable not only in good wind conditions but also in harsh conditions with strong gusty wind. The kite turns around a pivot and has a very good responsiveness and it has a medium soft bar feeling. It can easily be parked where it produce a constant pull.

The Ultra Stable Equalizing Bridle also known as USB 3.1 improves the stability in general and allows the rider to control the kite with a minimum of effort. The nowadays well known diamond shaped wing tips decrease drag and assures the kite to fly smooth.

The Maxflow inflation system makes pumping up to 40% faster and the four line setup make the kite simple without to much hazzle when rigging on land.

The canvas is made of a new material Teijin Ripstop T9600 which gives the kite endurance but without giving it any extra weight.

The Control Bar

Liquid Force’s new kites use the CPR (Centerline Push Release) control bar system which is very safe and user friendly. The CPR system ensures that you can depower the kite quickly in case of emergency. The CPR control bar is designed around a breakthrough Center Line Push Release safety system, hint therefor the name CPR.

The features with CPR are:

• Depower options: There are two settings here, 90% or 100% depower. The 100% depower can be used when the leash is connected to the flag line and is achieved when the rider is hooked in and releases the bar. The leash can however also be connected to the mainline, this is when 90% depower is achieved. This allows the rider to repeatedly depower the kite.

• Below the bar depower cleat – a 3D cleat is molded into the chicken loop of the control bar and the power adjustment mainline runs through this 3D molded cleat.
• Center Line Push Release – the rider can use just one hand for the safety release, a great safety feature in case you get tangled up and just have one free hand.
• No mechanical or metal parts – all the parts are molded plastic. This means less weight, no rust, no corrosion and no parts moving parts that get sluggish due to sand and salt. In general plastic is must better than metal when it comes to control bars. Anyone who is familiar with the Slingshot Bar knows what I´m talking about 😉

Finally a little promo video from Liquid Force.

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