Liquid Force Havoc 5

liquid force

It’s the fifth year that Liquid Force release a new version of their Havoc kite and version 5 is to sursprise the best so far. The 2011 edition has been upgraded in most areas and is today one of the most versatile kites in the kite business.

By the look of the kite Havoc is build to fly through a hurricane. Everything, from the bag to the tiniest stitch is made with passion and precision. And the Havoc 5 sure flies like jet plane through the air!

What’s new then? The most significant change is that one strut is “missing”. Liquid Force did this to make the kite lighter and to make it faster in turning. You would think that the absence of one strut will make the kite softer and more instable, but fact is that the Havoc 5 is more stable than its predecessors.

The Havoc V5 has been compared to Liquid Force Envy 2011, Slingshot RPM 2010, Naish Park and Cabrinha Switchblade 2010. Havoc V5 and the RPM has a similar kite feeling, with the difference that the Havoc is slightly faster in turns and it also has a bit more boost. Naish Park is lighter than Havoc v5 and turns even quicker, but it´s more sensitive to gusty wind. The Cabrinha Switchblade is a killer when it comes  to low end, but it also a bit slower than the Havoc. Compared to Envy, Havoc is faster, has more boost and more direct bar. The two diagrams below shows the performance for the Havoc (left) and the Envy (right)

Liquid Force Havoc 5Liquid Force Envy


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